The GreaterThanGames Lab is sponsoring or co-sponsoring the following courses and other opportunities this Fall:


– ISIS 170: Artificial Life, Culture, and Evolution with Nick Gessler; offered TTH 10:05-1PM

– COMPSCI 290: AppDev: Concept to Client with Richard Lucic and Robert Duvall; ; offered W 4:30-7:30p

– ISIS 268/VMS 266: Media History – Old and New with Victoria Szabo (undergrad course; also fulfills reqs for VMS major); offered TTH 10:05-11:20 in Smith Bay 4, C104 (GTG Lab)

– ISIS 270S.01/COMPSCI 102S.01/VMS 287S.01: Immersive Virtual Worlds with Mark McCahill (undergrad seminar); offered TH 6:30-8:45pm in Smith 228

– ISIS 510S.01/VMS 566S.01: How They Got Game with Tim Lenoir (grad/undergrad seminar); offered W 1:40-4:10 in Smith Bay 4, C04 (grad/undergrad seminar; FHI GreaterThanGames Lab course)


Independent Study Options (individual and group):
We will also offer opportunities for students to pursue independent study opportunities in connection with the following:

– Two-four students to work on Digital Durham and Visualizing Venice augmented reality and mobile app digital city projects. The emphasis here will be on design and implementation, and could involve individual or group work. Half-or full-credit. Contact Victoria Szabo for more information.

– Two-four students for a group independent study testing, analyzing and evaluating the Alternate Reality game Speculation. Contact Kate Hayles for more information.


Working Group:

– Trading Races Game Development working group. Contact Adeline Koh for more information.


Workshops and Events:

– Augmented Reality Authoring – October 26, 2012, 2-4pm, Smith Bay 11, Room A232