The AHA Launches a New Digital Community

This week, the American Historical Association announced the launch of a new online space for historians.  I am curious to know how AHA Communities will supplement/compete with H-NET, which has long been a online space for historians and a wide array of academics to communicate with one another.

Higher Logic

Here is an excerpt from the AHA’s announcement: “Want to organize a panel for the 129th annual meeting, but don’t know where to start? Are you a member of a graduate student organization who wants to connect with other student associations in the US? Or maybe you are a department chair who is trying to re-think tenure and promotion criteria and wants to share ideas. In the spirit of dialog and discovery, we are proud to launch AHA Communities, a new platform for online communication and collaboration. AHA Communities will serve as a new space for the history community to connect, share ideas, discuss professional and theoretical issues, and take advantage of user-friendly digital tools.”