History Department: Many of us are graduate students in the Duke History Department. We have been working with the department on ways to incorporate training in digital methods into the graduate curriculum, including the preliminary portfolio system. We are collaborating on building a digital component to the department’s monthly seminar series, as well as promoting events on campus that would be of particular interests to history graduate students and faculty.

PhD Lab for Digital Knowledge: Several of us also participate in the Franklin Humanities Center’s PhD Lab for Digital Knowledge, headed by David Bell and Cathy Davidson. By participating in the PhD Lab meetings, members have been able to bring fresh ideas to the attention of the DHWG, and in the Spring of 2013, PhD Lab generously sponsored the Digital Tools Bootcamp series.

HASTAC: Some of us blog for the Humanities, Arts, Sciences, and Technology Advanced Collaboratory ( as HASTAC Scholars. Based at Duke University, HASTAC is a website that connects students across the world who are interested in the digital humanities. On the site, our members blog about DHWG events and other relevant happenings on Duke’s campus. We also participate in the HASTAC Digital History group, and its semester-long series.