Bamboo DiRT: This is cool resource for finding digital tools for your research/ teaching/ publishing needs. There is just a ton of stuff on here, really worth exploring.

Center for History and New Media at George Mason University: This is a great resource for learning about digital methods for historians and finding quality digital history projects to use in the classroom.

Digital Innovation Lab at UNC: A lab at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill that has developed a number of projects and tools in the digital humanities.

Duke’s Center for Instructional TechnologyThis is a Duke resource that will help you think about how to use digital technology in your classes, if you are so inclined. They can also help you figure out how to use tools like SAKAI more effectively. They also offer funding opportunities to renovate a course to incorporate more digital elements.

Haiti Memory Project: This digital oral history project collects and share testimonies of survivors of the 2010 earthquake in Haiti. It is run by Claire Payton, a member of the DHWG.

HASTAC Digital History: A group on that blogs about the digital humanities and runs semester-long series on digital tools, and featured practitioners.

The Journal of Digital Humanities: This is a online peer-reviewed journal featuring new scholarship and tools in the digital humanities.

Oral History in the Digital Age: Oral history, because it inherently relies on technology to record and share history, is a innovative field in the digital humanities. Oral history has also been at the forefront of democratizing research and scholarship through technology. This site showcases important projects and tools for digital oral history.

Ph.D. Lab in Digital Knowledge: This group is organized at Duke University and is specifically aimed at developing graduate students’ skills in digital humanities topics.