iRODS DARIAH and a Virtual Scriptorium

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Here is a project – using Dr. Moore’s iRODS architecture – that may interest #netcologies scholars.

DARIAH aims to support and enhance digitally-enabled research across the arts and humanities and builds and maintains a research infrastructure for the wider digital humanities community.”

“The ‘Virtual Scriptorium St. Matthias’ will be an online edition with images of more than 450 medieval codices, mostly written between the eighth and sixteenth century, and a database with information from several manuscript catalogues. Although the supply of the library was dislocated in the time of secularisation most codices remained in the Public Library of Trier and in the library of the Episcopalian Seminary Trier (Becker 1996: 101-103). The latest catalogue of the codices used for the reconstruction can be found in Becker (1996: 66-71, 105-234). The project wants to enable the user to analyse a codex from any place at any time but also to present the codices as an ensemble of medieval writing and reading culture and as an institution of scholarship and knowledge (Embach et al. 2001: 492).”

“Although different software solutions are theoretically possible to realise the architecture, iRODS with its overall flexible structure seems to provide the most convenient mechanisms to deal with the humanistic research data of the ‘Virtual Scriptorium St. Matthias’ (iRods 2012). In this implementation two iRODS zones are used to realise a distributed, reliable storage resource. The responsibilities for data inside a zone and for the replications needed are clearly assigned to this specific zone. Additionally the overall performance is improved by using two data bases.”

via “Storage Infrastructure of the Virtual Scriptorium St. Matthias” (2012) by Vanscheidt, Rapp, & Tonne.

Special thanks to Dr. Moore for directing us to this site.


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