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April 29th, 2014 | Posted by amandastarling in Network Ecologies digital Scalar Publication

Amanda’s Tuesday Morning Keyword Manifesto:

1. This is an authored and edited collection. The project began from a set of keywords – network(s), networked, ecology, ecologies – and sought interdisciplinary understandings of each. These keywords are at the center of the project- they were indeed the very guiding ethos of the project – and I believe they must remain there.

2. To these originary keywords, we’ll add others that emerged throughout the project. These are:

  • time: temporality, dates, times: future, past, history, synchronized, simultaneous, repetition, continually returns, reiteration, immediate, persists, current etc
  • digital humanities
  • architecture/infrastructure
  • data, metadata
  • database
  • information
  • connectedness/connectivism, relation(s)/relationships (associations, attachement/detachment), intersect(ion), interaction(s)
  • protocol(s), policies
  • communicate/communication
  • emergent, evolving
  • code/encode
  • programming
  • uncertainty, ambiguity, abstract
  • platform
  • nonlinear
  • interdisciplinary: across disciplines, spanning disciplines, etc
  • archive
  • [digital] scholarship
  • co-creative, co-generative, co-emergent
  • culture/cultural
  • art
  • body/bodies
  • sense(s)/sensation(s)
  • scale
  • medium/media: letters, text, videogames, painting, books, notes, etc
  • experience
  • memory (computer and human)

3. We will then put these into dialogue with computer-generated keywords that reveal themselves by way of computer-driven text analysis. Because our publication is a born-digital publication, we want to acknowledge the computer’s perspective vis-a-vis keywords but we do not want to privilege these keywords over and above those created in & for steps one and two.

We will edit these keywords then and curate navigation paths, slipping points, access entrances into and through the content of the digital Scalar publication.



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