Announcing the publication of Network Ecologies, a multimedia Scalar project

August 11th, 2016 | Posted by Amanda Gould in Uncategorized

netcologies_cover_20160728_scaled-2The Network Ecologies digital Scalar publication is the culmination of a five-year, multi-format, interdisciplinary venture to curate a dynamic scholarly digital publication. It has been, for us, a collaborative creative-critical interrogation into the theoretical and scholarly implications of the digital on rigorous scholarly publication. My design partner Florian Wiencek and I set out to create a ‘networked publication’ and we believe we’ve done just that. We have content ranging from text-based essays to a visual art 3D scanning documentary project that was created specifically for our publication. You’ll find transmedia essays on art, technics, data visualization, book-making, theory, mentorship, architecture, network engineering, gaming, and capitalism. You’ll find tweets, videos, text, and tools. You’ll even find a garden gnome or two lurking throughout.

The goal of this project was for each of us to bring our own research—developed and delivered in our own unique disciplinary vernaculars—together to converge around a shared concept. The assumption is that through transdisiplinary co-mingling and collaboration, both our individual research projects and the Network Ecologies publication, as a living research hub, can gain new dimension. We hope that by putting diverse minds in dialogue with each other, we can facilitate a more robust understanding of the network by way of merging and (re)mixing multidisciplinary understandings.

We encourage you to start with the short Introduction to learn more about the full shape of the project and about navigating the publication and interacting (using with the content and with each other.

This project was funded by a Graduate Digital Scholarship Initiative grant from Duke’s Franklin Humanities Institute (FHI), in conjunction with Duke’s PhD Lab in Digital Knowledge (PhD Lab).


Amanda Starling Gould

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