I have been awarded a Graduate Digital Scholarship Initiative grant from Duke’s Franklin Humanities Institute, in conjunction with Duke’s PhD Lab in Digital Knowledge, to study Network Ecologies. Our goal with this project is twofold: 1) to create an interdisciplinary dialogue between scholars and professionals who are engaging the idea or object of networks within their particular field and 2) to create a dynamic scholarly digital publication, to be published by Duke’s Franklin Humanities Center, that has the viability and esteem of a traditional scholarly print publication but that additionally takes advantage of the affordances of the digital and networked online medium. We plan to do the first by facilitating and mediating an academic online conversation – in a conference-like format with “presenters” and “respondents” – and by organizing an in-person colloquium at Duke in the Fall of 2013. We plan to achieve the second by working with established digital publishers, multimedia artists, and database programmers to create a living book usingĀ The Alliance for Networking Visual Culture‘s multimodal Scalar platform. Our book project will be published on various platforms (web, mobile, print) and will be fully interactive. Our site here is the ‘online conversation’ manifestation of the first stage.

Featured scholars range from full professors to practicing artists, from ‘traditional’ scholars to industrial network engineers. Their contributions range from artworks to digital projects to long-form essays to video interviews.

Amanda Starling Gould