Thanks to everyone who came to our Lab Open House in March – the turnout was fantastic!  Here are some photos… (Thanks to Franklin Humanities Institute Operations Coordinator Dean Rhoades for photos 2-4!)


The co-directors: John French, Peter Baker, Esther Gabara. Each of them will be offering a group independent study connected to an on-going research project. Learn more here.



Great student turnout at the event!  Here are a few of them, hearing all about opportunities at the Lab while enjoying delicious some pão de queijo and guaraná.



One of the Lab’s research projects, Designing Brazil, will focus on the late Brazilian visual artist Rubens Gerchman. We were lucky enough to have his daughter Stela Gerchman, who happens to be a visiting student at the Duke Law School this year, join us at the event and say a few words.



One more with Esther Gabara and Paul Baker!