20150524_afro_brazilianDurham County Library will host the Afro Brazilian Band Batuque de Terreiro at 3 p.m. on Sunday, May 31, at the Main Library, 300 N. Roxboro St.


In Portuguese, “Batuque” (pronounced ba-TOO-kee) means to drum and is also an expression that describes a freestyle form of percussion. Terreiro (teh-HEY-dhoo) directly translates to “yard,” but is also a name given to a style of music derived from the Afro-Brazilian religion known as Candomble. Batuque de Terreiro performs the original sounds of Bahia, which includes songs and movement that are widely appreciated in Brazil.


The mission of Batuque de Terreiro is to promote wellness and collaboration through the sharing of Afro-Brazilian drumming. The band is under the leadership of Caique Vidal, an accomplished percussionist from Salvador da Bahia.


This program is co-sponsored by Durham Library Foundation. For more information call Claudia Aleman De Toomes at 919-560-0116 or visit durhamcountylibrary.org