Interested in learning more about capoeira and being a part of a strong community here at Duke? Learn more about what the Capoeira Crazies are up to and see how you can get involved!


“Capoeira Crazies is applying to become an official student group. Our mission is to share capoeira, an Afro-Brazilian fight-dance rich in culture and history, with Duke and to foster a community around it. We’ll host regular events, such as capoeira demonstrations, music lessons, and cultural discussions, as well as the occasional special outing or party. We also wish to positively contribute to campus dialogue by sharing capoeira’s values, like tolerance and strength through diversity. We hope to nurture a robust capoeira community that will thrive for years and that may one day become a distinctive cultural fixture that adds to the diversity of Duke’s campus. There’s no capoeira experience necessary to become a Capoeira Crazy! All we ask is an appreciation for capoeira and the desire to be a part of an awesome community. If you’re interested in more information, or if you would like to express your support for the existence of Capoeira Crazies as a student organization (all we need is your name and netID!), please contact Jessica Lee”

Check out their Facebook page here: