Faculty Names:   Marcos A. Rangel and John Holbein (Sanford School of Public Policy)


Preferred email for students to contact you: marcos.rangel@duke.edu or  john.holbein@duke.edu


Project Title:  Making Good Citizens: Using Big Data to Explore the Link Between Non-Cognitive Skills and Civic Participation


Project Description:

Our project examines the links between early-childhood development of socio-emotional and behavioral skills (non-cognitive skills) and civic engagement, including political participation. We are trying to examine the link between early interventions and family background over the making of good citizens. We do so organizing information using big-data strategies from administrative records. Our perspective is comparative and contrasts findings using US-based data with the similar specifications using Brazilian data. The student involved will have a chance to explore literature on applied economics and applied political science on the topic and engage on the implementation of big-data strategies for political participation in Brazil. We expect to offer some training on data analysis techniques once the data set is organized. We would like to find a responsible and motivated student that is attentive to details and ready for a hands-on experience with data analysis.