GLHLTH 302: Global Narratives of Living with HIV/AIDS FALL 2019

Offered: Fall 2019

Course: GLHLTH 302

How do we learn about the global experience of people living with HIV/AIDS? Read biographies, narratives, poetry, and blogs written by HIV+ persons, their families, friends, doctors, and caregivers; listen to stories told in film documentaries and on the internet; study interdisciplinary theories of identity and sexuality, illness narratives, narrative medicine, and doctor-patient communication; reflect on the different meanings of the AIDS experience for men and women, young and old, in rural and urban settings; and apply this new framework to investigate and analyze HIV/AIDS programs. This course focuses on HIV/AIDS in the USA and Africa (Lesotho, South Africa, Zimbabwe).  Students are also introduced to a newly-acquired HIV/AIDS and reproductive health archive in the Rubenstein Library and work on a creative art assignment related to the archive.  Prior global health coursework recommended.

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