Issues in Global Displacement: Voix francophones


Offered: Fall 2019

Crosslists: FREN 325S / GLHLTH 325S

This course examines current laws, processes, and practices related to refugee resettlement. In the first half, we investigate the causes of what has been termed “the global refugee crisis,” and focus primarily on Francophone refugees whose home countries and countries of first asylum are located in Central Africa, Vietnam, and Haiti. In the second half, we examine the introduction and integration of refugees into their host countries. We study challenges of the cultural orientation process in North America and Europe, and our discussions will explore what constitutes testimony or narrative. We will pay close attention to politics of listening to and speaking for other communities. This course has a community-based language component that places students in contact with Francophone refugees living in Durham. Students are required to engage in 20 hours of service-related work over the semester, in a variety of settings aimed to introduce our partners to Duke and Durham communities.

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