New Student-Led House Course: Narratives of Illness and Healing

Narratives of Illness and Healing – HOUSECS 59.09
Spring 2019
Mondays, 7-8:30 PM, Keohane 4B 402SEM

Interested in the role of narratives and storytelling in a society that prioritizes evidence-based medicine?

Student-led and Health Humanities Lab-sponsored house course “Narratives of Illness and Healing” will use narrative medicine and the medical humanities as a focal point through which students can gain a deeper understanding of the nuances in health care provider-patient communication and relationships. Throughout this course, we will discuss medical and health-related stories on a variety of topics ranging from power dynamics to trust to gender and ethnic identity in medicine. We will also explore the diverse media through which medical narratives are expressed, including literature, graphics, oral narration, and even video games. The aim of this course is to inspire critical thinking about the incorporation and application of storytelling in medicine and our daily lives.

This course is a follow-up to the HHL-sponsored Narrative Medicine Mondays from Fall 2018. For a full description on the course, please visit this page.

If you have any questions about the course, contact or

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