Francesca Talenti, animator

Francesca Talenti is a director and designer who has exhibited her work from The Folger and The Guthrie, to Sundance and PBS National by way of Mumbai, Göteborg, Casablanca and many others. She has won 18 awards and has received grants from the Independent Television Service, Latino Public Broadcasting, and the Kauffman Foundation.  Favorable reviews[…]

Rhonda Klevansky, producer and videographer

Rhonda Klevansky is originally from Durban, South Africa. She is a photographer, writer and film maker with a strong interest in using video and photography as tools for advocacy. Rhonda has made videos for nonprofits, medical educators and public television. Her independent documentaries include Welcome to My Paradise about sand artists on the beaches of Durban, South[…]

Andrea Kim

Andrea Kim studied new media and documentary film at Duke. She is interested in theories of embodiment and the mediation of space. Throughout the years, she has produced videos ranging from a historical documentary about public monuments to an experimental one about the process of creativity itself. She sees documentary as an opportunity to talk[…]

Libby Dotson

Libby Dotson graduated from Duke University with a degree in Cultural Studies and International Comparative Studies. She now works as a research associate in the Duke Center for Global Women’s Health technologies where she works on educational health interventions related to preventive medicine. Her work with Calla Imaging uses the Callascope technologies as a means[…]

Ray Barfield

Ray Barfield is Professor of Pediatrics and Christian Philosophy at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina. He received his MD and his PhD (in philosophy) from Emory University. He is a pediatric oncologist and palliative care physician with an interest in expanding the role of the humanities and the arts in the formation of physicians.[…]

Jeff Polish

Jeff Polish teaches the HHL course Storytelling in Medicine and Health, which is team-taught and designed to help bridge the widening gap between doctors and their patients. Through an exploration of literary text and the concepts of Narrative Medicine, the course emphasizes the stories, not the diagnostics, as the most important commodity present in the doctor-patient[…]

Sneha Mantri

Dr. Mantri joined the Duke faculty in 2018 as Assistant Professor of Neurology, specializing in movement disorders. Her long-standing interest in the overlap between literature and medicine led her to complete a dual MD/MS (narrative medicine) program at Columbia University’s College of Physicians and Surgeons, under the guidance of Dr. Rita Charon. In addition to caring for[…]

Marina Tsaplina

Marina Tsaplina is an interdisciplinary performing artist working in the field of the Medical/Health Humanities.  Upon invitation by Deborah Jenson and Neil Prose, she had the great pleasure to perform and present at the Breath Body Voice: Health Humanities and Social Justice conference in 2017, which is when an ongoing collaboration began with Raymond Barfield[…]

Charmaine Royal

Charmaine Royal is associate professor of African & African American Studies, Biology, and Community & Family Medicine at Duke University. She is also core faculty in the Duke Initiative for Science and Society, faculty affiliate in the Duke Global Health Institute, and senior fellow in the Kenan Institute for Ethics. Her research, scholarship, and teaching focus[…]

Ashley Elrod

Ashley L. Elrod is an Instructor of History at Duke University, where she earned a doctoral degree in History in 2017. Her teaching and research interests focus on the early modern and modern history of disability, law, and adult guardianship in Europe and the United States. From 2016 to 2017, she served as the faculty[…]