Bronwyn Kaiser

Bonnie Kaiser conducts global mental health research with a focus on cultural aspects of measurement, communication, and intervention design. Dr. Kaiser holds a PhD in Anthropology and MPH in Epidemiology, and her work aims to bridge the methods and epistemologies of these fields in the study of mental health. She has conducted research on mental health in Haiti for 6 years, as well as having worked in Nepal and Kenya. Her research demonstrates how a nuanced understanding of perceptions and experiences of mental illness can improve clinical communication and intervention design. Her publications have explored idioms of distress and mental health communication, development and testing of transcultural measurement tools, and treatment decision-making. Her postdoctoral research explores how attention to culture can improve the development, adaptation, and evaluation of mental health interventions. Her postdoctoral training capitalizes on DGHI’s expertise in global mental health and the Franklin Humanities Institute’s focus on Haitian studies. Additionally, she is a founding member of the Health Humanities Lab based at DGHI.