John Duronville

Dr. John V. Duronville is a clinical Nephrologist in the Department of Medicine, Division of Nephrology at Duke University Medical Center. He received a BA in Religion with a concentration in African and Africana studies at Haverford College.  He completed his medical training with a focus in Global Health at George Washington University School of Medicine in Washington D.C. This was followed by a Nephrology fellowship at Duke University Medical Center. His interests have led him to work with educating primary and secondary school children about HIV/AIDs in Limbe, Cameroon; work at the HIV/AIDS Department at the World Health Organization in Geneva, Switzerland; volunteer on a medical mission in Thomonde, Haiti and participate in clinical work in Quito, Ecuador. Beyond Global Health interests, he has also worked to better understand how the social determinants of health contribute to health disparities. As a Haitian immigrant growing up in South Florida, he witnessed the devastating consequences incurred on individuals, families and communities from a lack of access to quality education, healthcare, jobs, housing or healthy foods.  Furthermore, he understands that certain communities marginalized by race, ethnicity, language, or economic standing are often disproportionally affected as it portends to poor health and health outcomes. Thus he has found medicine, particularly the field of Nephrology to be an optimal vehicle to address these inequities and effect change.