Jonathan Hill-Rorie

Jonathan Hill-Rorie (Duke BA, 2015) is a Masters of Public Health Student at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health in the Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences, class of 2019.  At Duke, he studied Evolutionary and Cultural Anthropology and conducted independent studies on how social movements, like the Civil Rights Movement and Black Power Movement, impact health. Additionally, he pursued work on how comics and science fiction can be used as a vehicle for health information. At Harvard, his scholarly interests include understanding how social networks and social capital influence suicidality in college and university students. Additionally, how narrative and media have effects on health, and how they can be deployed to increase mental healths seeking behavior. He has worked on survey development and data analysis for student mental health and wellbeing for both Duke and Harvard and helped to develop the Health Humanities Lab’s Narrative Medicine Mondays.

To learn more about Jonathan’s work with the HHL, read our interview with him.

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