Event Schedule

The conference will be held at Duke University in beautiful downtown Durham, North Carolina, on April 11 and 12 2013. It will be located at the Franklin Humanities Institute in the Smith Warehouse. For directions, click here.

Below is the conference event schedule. Click here to learn more about the panelists.

Day 1 

9:30-10:00: Welcome Breakfast: Laurent Dubois

10:00-12:30: Donor Politics: Vijaya Ramachandran, Yasmine Shamsie, Michèle Pierre-Louis, Jonathan Katz

2:00-4:30: Practitioner Models: Benjamin Krause, Matthew Marek, Camille Chalmers, Chenet Jean-Baptiste, Mark Schuller

4:30-5:30 Reception



DAY 2 

10:00-12:30: Capacity Building:Conor Bohan, Joseph Philippe, Tatiana Wah,  Marie St. Cyr

2:00-4:30: Public Health: Megan Coffee, Brian Concannon, Nancy Dorsinville

4:30-5:30: Closing Remarks