Ethical Challenges in Researching (Il)licit Antiquities Seminar Series

Ethical Challenges in researching illicit antiquities (seminar series)The University College London’s Institute of Archaeology is presenting a seminar series for its second term, on the ethical, political, and legal aspects of researching antiquities with questionable origins. Hosted on Mondays at 4:00PM UK time, via Zoom, this intellectual effort draws from a wide variety of academic fields, including sociology, heritage research, law, museum studies, and archaeology.

Speakers include Silvia Forni, Senior Curator, Global Africa, Shreyas and Mina Ajmera Gallery, Royal Ontario Museum; Katie Paul, Antiquities Trafficking and Heritage Anthropology Research (ATHAR) Project Co-Director; Morag Kersei, Associate Professor, Anthropology, DePaul University; Gail Boyle, Senior Curator, Archaeology and World Cultures, Bristol Museum; Christos TsirogiannisAssociate Professor, Aarhus Institute of Advanced Studies; Samuel Hardy, Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, Norwegian Institute of Rome, University of Rome; and Emiline SmithLecturer in Criminology, University of Glasgow.

The MML is looking forward to such an interdisciplinary cohort of scholars to “[define] what illicit and licit antiquities mean [and highlight] the ethical complexities of dealing with such objects archaeologically, including the legal, ethical, and political considerations involved.” This event is organized by Alice Stevenson, Associate Professor, Kevin MacDonald, Professor of African Archaeology, and Summer AustinStudent Researcher, Institute of Archaeology at UCL.

Read more about the series of events on the UCL Institute of Archaeology’s Seminar Series on their website, under ‘Events’: