CodePen: Classics Archival Expedition

Welcome to our Archival Expedition on The Textual Transmission of Female Greek Lyric Poets!

In three sessions we will gain an understanding of the textual transmission of Greek lyric poetry from antiquity to today and see examples of how papyri document Greek performative culture. We will learn to distinguish a high-quality papyrus bookroll from a cheap copy, dive into the history of the Duke papyrus collection, and explore the role of Hellenistic libraries and scholars in preserving, commenting on, and editing ancient literature.

At the end of this module, you will be able to navigate Greek papyrus bookrolls, modern papyrus editions, and scholarship on the material culture preserving female Greek lyric poets. The tabs on Digital Resources and Terminology introduce you to resources available in the field of Literary Papyrology and at Duke University.

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