Keynote video from 2017 Fellows Symposium

From Boxes to Bytes: Creating the Digital Transgender Archive, keynote address from the 2017 symposium of the FHI-NCCU Digital Humanities Fellowship Program, given by Prof. K. J. Rawson. See full program schedule here.

K. J. Rawson is Assistant Professor of English at College of the Holy Cross and Director of the Digital Transgender Archive. In this talk, he describes how he and his colleagues approached the creation of the archive: first, by considering “transgender” as a practice rather than an identity category, one that refers to “a broad and inclusive range of non-normative gender practices,” and secondly, by working to catalogue digital materials related to transgender practice. The goal of the Digital Transgender Archive is “to increase the accessibility of transgender history by providing an online hub for digitized historical materials, born-digital materials, and information on archival holdings throughout the world.

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