Announcing the 2019-20 Duke-NCCU DH Fellows!

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The Franklin Humanities Institute is pleased to announce the 2019-20 cohort of Duke-North Carolina Central University Digital Humanities Fellows. Launched under the auspices of the FHI’s Mellon Humanities Futures initiative in 2016, the Duke-NCCU DH Fellowship program is now fully funded by the Digital Humanities Initiative @ FHI. As with previous cohorts, the 2019-20 Fellows will participate in a year-long series of workshops, geared toward both the theoretical and practical aspects of the digital humanities. Fellows are expected to create a new course or significantly revise an old one for inclusion in their regular teaching cycle. While its primary focus is pedagogical, the program also supports DH-related research projects and professional development opportunities for Fellows.

To learn more about the Duke-NCCU DH Fellowships, including ongoing activities by previous fellows, please visit the program website. Recent highlights include the American Institute of Pakistan Studies DH Program, led and hosted by NCCU faculty, and #RepresentationMatters, the first Triangle Digital Humanities Institute hosted by NCCU.

The 2019-20 Fellows and their proposed projects are:

  • TaKeia Anthony, History – “The Pioneers: A History of North Carolina Central University”
  • Rachelle Gold, Language and Literature – “‘Marking a book is not an act of mutilation, but of love’: Using Annotation Studio & TimelineJS to Help Students’ Read Closely, ReflectCritically, Empathize Deeply with Narratives of Women of Color”
  • Kwame Hawkins, Art – “Using Gamification Methodology to Facilitate Student Learning and Engagement”
  • Kuldip Kuwahara, Language and Literature – “Exploring Images of Women in Multi-Ethnic Contexts at NCCU”
  • Camille Passalacqua, Language and Literature – “Digital Humanities: A New Perspective on African American Writers”

The program is led at Duke by Victoria Szabo (Director, DHI@FHI / Research Professor of Art, Art History & Visual Studies) and coordinated at NCCU by Profs. Matthew Cook (Language and Literature), Joshua Nadel (History), and Kathryn Wymer (Language and Literature). At Duke, the program is also supported by Hannah Jacobs and Amanda Starling Gould, Digital Humanities Specialists at the Wired! Lab and the FHI, respectively.

Congratulations to the new Fellows!

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