Informal outdoor headshot of Joshua Nadel, wearing NCCU eagle knit cap

Joshua Nadel

Dr. Joshua Nadel is Associate Professor of Latin American and Caribbean history and Associate Director of the Global Studies Program at North Carolina Central University. His research focuses on sport and food. He teaches classes on Latin American social and cultural history, sport history, and on human rights and humanitarian aid. His publications include two
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cropped outdoor photo of Matthew Cook with grass in background

Matthew A. Cook

Trained in Sociocultural Anthropology (Columbia, 2007), Dr. Matthew A. Cook is Professor of Postcolonial and South Asian Studies at the NCCU Department of Language & Literature. His research focuses on the history and anthropology of South Asia, Sindh, and colonialism. His publications include Discovering Sindh’s Past: Selections from the Journal of Sindh Historical Society, 1934-1948,
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Cropped informal headshot of Kathryn Wymer, slightly over-exposed

Kathryn Wymer

Kathryn Wymer is Professor of English in the Department of Language and Literature at North Carolina Central University. In 2021-22, she is a Humanities Unbounded Visiting Faculty Fellow at Duke. She has served as a liaison between NCCU and the DHI@FHI, and she has been working to help establish the Digital Humanities Lab at NCCU.
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