Announcement: PhD Lab Fellows 2016-17

This year’s PhD Lab for Digital Knowledge Graduate Fellows include:

  • Felicia Arriaga, Sociology
  • Lok Chan, Philosophy
  • Kathryn Desplanque, Art, Art History & Visual Studies
  • Evan Donahue, Art, Art History & Visual Studies (CMAC)
  • Amanda Starling Gould, Literature
  • Alicia Hines, History
  • Mari Joerstad, Religious Studies
  • Sarah Bess Jones, Marine Science and Conservation
  • Sasha Ann Panaram, English
  • Cheryl Spinner, English
  • Jessica Q. Stark, English
  • Max Symuleski, Art, Art History & Visual Studies (CMAC)
  • Robert Tate, English

The PhD Lab  Co-Directors are David Bell, Phil Stern, and Victoria Szabo. Andrew Van Horn Ruoss is the Graduate Assistant for the Lab.

Former PhD Lab Scholars and other interested graduate students from Duke and the surrounding community are welcome to subscribe to the group, where we will be announcing working groups arising out of this year’s lab, as well as events open to the community.

Join us at the Duke Digital Humanities Initiative reception on September 1 at 5pm at the Amadieh Family Lecture Hall in the Smith Warehouse. We will be introducing the new Fellows as well as officially launching the new Duke Digital Humanities website All are welcome!

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