Historical and Cultural Visualization Proseminar 1: Digital Humanities & Data

HCVIS 580S: Historical and Cultural Visualization Proseminar 1: Digital Humanities & Data
Victoria Szabo
Fridays 9-11:30am, Wired Lab, Smith Warehouse

This graduate proseminar, (along with the HCVIS Proseminar 2 taught in the Spring semester) focuses on a survey of historical and cultural visualization production techniques, along with discussion of their various affordances within a theoretical and critical context.
This semester we will be focusing on interactive digital media technologies and their underlying information architectures and data. Weekly class sessions will include presentation/discussion of readings and examples as well as hands-on work with technology. Topics will include web design, content management systems, digital mapping, and other forms of data visualization based on textual, image, and quantitative sources. We will also explore briefly virtual reality, simulations, augmented reality, and games. Example projects and data will come from both existing research projects at Duke and elsewhere, and from the class members themselves, if applicable.
Final projects will consist of a digitally mediated presentation of your own work, along with a written explication of your media choices and their effects. Students are expected to blog weekly on the readings and to post their tutorial proejcts, and to bring to class examples of relevant work they have found to share and discuss.
This course is part of the MA in Historical and Cultural Visualization in the Duke Wired Lab.

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