ISIS 590S/VMS 590S/AMI 590S/LIT 590S


Thursdays 1:40-4:10, Smith Bay 10 A266

Shane Denson

In this seminar, we will try to come to terms with twentyKfirst century motion pictures by thinking through a variety of concepts and theoretical approaches designed to explain their relations and differences from the cinema of the previous century. We will consider the impact of digital technologies on film, think about the cultural contexts and aesthetic practices of contemporary motion pictures, and try to understand the experiential dimensions of spectatorship in today’s altered viewing conditions. In addition to viewing a wide range of recent and contemporary films, we will also engage more directly and materially with postcinematic moving images: we will experiment with scholarly and experimental uses of nonlinear video editing for the purposes of film analysis, cinemetrics, and a variety of academic and creative responses to postcinematic media. The course addresses key issues in recent film and media theory and, especially in its hands-on components, encourages experimentation with methods of digital humanities, computational media art, and other creative practices.

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