Aaron Dinin

Aaron Dinin earned his PhD in English from the University of Maryland, College Park. His dissertation is titled Hacking Literature: Reading Analog Texts in a Digital Age, and his critical work emphasizes the similarities between software development and literary textual production as parallel cultural technologies of information storage and dissemination. He currently serves as Project Manager of the Dickinson Electronic Archives, one of the earliest and most iconic author-themed digital humanities projects.

In addition to his academic work, Aaron is a commercial web developer and tech entrepreneur who, in 2012, was named a Microsoft Fellow for his work on tech startups. He co-founded and runs a Durham and San Francisco based technology company called RocketBolt. He’s also a writer, having published his first novel, The Krzyzewskiville Tales (Duke Press, 2005), as an undergraduate at Duke University He occasionally blogs about his work bridging the academic, commercial, and engineering disciplines at AaronDinin.com.