Ann Marie Rasmussen

I┬ácame to Duke University in 1988 from the “Deutsches Seminar” of the University of Berne in Switzerland, where I taught as an assistant professor for 2-1/2 years. I have held a variety of leadership positions at Duke University, including chairing the German department from 1/1/06 to 1/1/08 and chairing the Executive Committee of the Graduate Faculty from 2010-2013. From 2002 until 2009, I envisioned, initiated, and implemented the Carolina-Duke Graduate Program in German Studies, which was successfully launched with its first entering class in August, 2009. My research treats medieval literature and culture from the twelfth century to the Reformation. In my publications I combine gender studies with a variety of other approaches, including manuscript studies, the anthropology of gift-giving, visuality studies, and, most recently, material culture. I have published four books and over thirty articles. I am currently completing an interdisciplinary study of medieval badges and designing my next project, a digital humanities geo-referencing project on the late medieval saints’ cult known as The Holy Kinship.