Ashley Reed

Ashley Reed is a Ph.D. Candidate in the Department of English and Comparative Literature at UNC Chapel Hill where her research centers on secular formations of agency in the nineteenth-century United States. Her dissertation project examines the interpolation of gender, race, and religion in the antebellum public sphere, demonstrating how disenfranchised authors transformed the realm of published fiction into an imaginative laboratory for exploring new forms of collaborative agency grounded in theological creativity and shared belief. In addition to her dissertation research, Ashley is co-editing with Kelly Bezio a volume of essays on the intersection of medicine and religion in North American culture.

Ashley has served since 2007 as Project Manager of the William Blake Archive ( where she oversees the publication of six to ten digital scholarly editions per year and coordinates a staff of twenty collaborators on five different campuses. As instructor of Literature, American Studies, and Rhetoric and Composition at UNC Chapel Hill she incorporates digital pedagogy into the undergraduate classroom through the use of blogs and other collaborative learning tools that bring students into active engagement with texts and with each other. She is currently developing the framework for a student-edited anthology of short fiction that will use web-based technologies to enable intensive collaboration between undergraduate researchers and established scholars.