Laura Banella

Romance Studies (Italian)

After graduating from University of Pisa and Scuola Normale Superiore, Laura Banella earned a doctorate in Italian literature from the University of Padova. Currently, she is Ph.D. Candidate at Duke University. Her main research interests lie in medieval Italian literature and material philology. Particularly, she has explored the reception of Boccaccio’s edition of Dante’s ‘Vita nuova’, and the canonization of Dante through the study of lyric anthologies. Some of the results of her researches have been published in some journals of the field, such as Studi sul Boccaccio, Rivista di Studi Danteschi, and Dante Studies. Her doctoral dissertation is in print for Editrice Antenore: La ‘Vita Nuova’ del Boccaccio. Fortuna e Tradizione.