Shane Denson

DAAD Postdoctoral Fellow / Visiting Scholar
Program in Literature / Media Arts + Sciences
Duke University

Shane Denson is a DAAD postdoctoral fellow in the Duke Program in Literature, an associate of the Duke S-1 Speculative Sensation Lab, and a member of the interdisciplinary research unit “Popular Seriality—Aesthetics and Practice” (based at the Freie Universität Berlin). He is the author of Postnaturalism: Frankenstein, Film, and the Anthropotechnical Interface (Transcript-Verlag 2014 / Columbia University Press) and co-editor of several collections: Transnational Perspectives on Graphic Narratives (Bloomsbury, 2013), Digital Seriality (special issue of Eludamos: Journal for Computer Game Culture, 2014), and Post-Cinema: Theorizing 21st Century Film (REFRAME Books, forthcoming).

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