September 28, 2015

Data Driven/Quantitative Methods Working Group

Grant Glass English & Comparative Literature UNC
Mary Learner English & Comparative Literature UNC
Rae Yan English & Comparative Literature UNC
Sandra Niethardt German Studies Duke | UNC
Rafael Ventura Philosophy Duke


We aim to expose the greater scholarly community to utilizing quantitative methods in their research no matter what the discipline. This will be achieved through a monthly reading group, one-day colloquium, and a website that aggregates key texts and tools to quantitative methods in one resource. The reading group will meet once a month, the fourth Monday of each month and the reading will be posted to the PhD Lab email group at the first Monday of each month. These readings will inform the website we will produce at the end of the year, showcasing the theories and tools we have discovered. The capstone project will be a one-day colloquium in which we will invite a scholar that utilizes quantitative methods in their research to not only talk about their work and their approach, but also lead a workshop on how to utilize a specific program to quantify humanities based research.

Meeting: The Data Driven/ Quantitative Methods Group will be meeting on October 26th at 5:30pm in the Lab Space to discuss:  “Modeling A Study in Words and Meaning” By Willard McCarty, which is available online  – regular meeting schedule? Regular Meeting schedule TBA

Collaboration/feedback: There is a document in our folder on google drive to suggest speakers for our one day colloquium. If anyone would like to suggest a scholar, please write it down in the document.