September 28, 2015

Digital Pedagogy Working Group

David Dulceany Romance Studies Duke
Elsa Friis Psychology & Neuroscience Duke
Kathryn Headley Genetics & Molecular Biology UNC
Pat Morgan English Duke
Annegret Oehme German Studies Duke | UNC
Filippo Screpanti Romance Studies Duke
Laura Villa Torres Health Behavior UNC
Seung Yu Educational Psychology, Measurement & Evaluation UNC
Steffen Kaupp German Studies Duke | UNC
Wenyang Sun Cultural Studies & Literacies UNC
Jess Stark English Duke


The Digital Pedagogy group seeks to collaborate on interdisciplinary and innovative uses of digital tools for pedagogy. We are also interested in imagining and promoting the best methods for facilitating digital literacy and digital skills. The group is invested as well in discussing and experimenting with radical pedagogy enhanced or made possible by digital spaces or digital concepts. This academic year, we plan to hold workshops on digital pedagogy and build a website that can serve as a vibrant, growing hub for sharing digital tools and pedagogical experiments.

Last year, the digital pedagogy group developed a website reviewing and highlighting digital pedagogical tools. You can see last year’s project site

We are currently in the process of conducting workshops among our groups for different pedagogical tools and website design. Some of the group is interested in developing an interface, building an app or creating new methods or tools for teaching. We also hope to plan a workshop for the PhD Lab and public, and may invite an entrepreneur, or someone from innovation & entrepreneurship. Jess Stark is also working on an independent project to improve digitization and accessibility of zines; if anyone is interested in contributing to that, please talk to Jess.

Meets 5-7 Mondays at the PhD Lab.