November 2, 2015

Embodiment Working Group

We plan to work collaboratively on an interactive installation using Microsoft Kinect sensors as a means to address some theoretical concerns drawn from media theory and psychoanalytic theory respectively.

We will be working toward conceptualizing some type of interactive installation that opens the body up to new sensations and experiences while learning some programming skills along the way. Anyone is more than welcome to join us.


  • Meeting: The first meeting was on Oct 14 in the PhD Lab. Meeting biweekly on Wednesday meetings.


  • Working on an exhibit that deals with embodiment. Doing workshops, especially on coding in C-sharp — good language to use with Kinect. We’re going to post some snippets on the web. We want to have some instructions on github.  Start with a theory, like affect theory, as well.
  • Interactive embodiment on health issues — how do we have someone experience autism or phantom limb, or some other kind of negation? How can we grab that data and have someone experience it in some sort of art exhibit? There’s a new health humanities group in the FHI. There was also VR machines that provide sort of “drunk goggles” and then second life island that allowed you to experience mental illnesses.  {look up Second Life schizophrenia site}
  • How you experience sound, and how you can desensitize and resensitize it. audible range experience.