August 6, 2020

Movements Archive (2017-2020)

This digital archive includes all events hosted by the Social Movements Lab between Fall 2017 and Spring 2020. During this period, the Lab events were organized according to the following format: 

1) Readings: Several readings were circulated related to a particular struggle. Very often, but not always, these texts were written by the same person (activist/scholar) that would participate the following day in the “dialogue session”. You can find these texts in the “materials” column. 

2) Mapping Session: Then, those interested in this event in the  Triangle region  (between Duke and UNC community, but among the local community) would meet to share their thoughts on the readings, map the event’s connection to others, and choose a few questions to ask the day of the event.

3) Dialogue Session: After these two preparatory steps, we would have a conversation with the protagonist of a contemporary social movement. These dialogues were typically  virtual. However there were also in-person guest speakers such as Mark Bray, Lindiwe Dhlamini, Lucia Hellín Nistal or Anusha Hariharan. During these conversations, the Lab’s co-directors, Michael Hardt and Sandro Mezzadra would often lead the discussion introducing a few questions chosen together during the “mapping session” to get the conversation started. Other times, Lab affiliates such as Eli Meyerhoff, Elia Romera-Figueroa, Jessica Namakkal or Anna Tybinko, took the lead in organizing the event and its debate.  Under the “presenters” column you will find a record of the participants that made the Lab possible. 

4) Outcomes: In the “materials” column you will also find projects that came out of these events and related articles that were published in the South Atlantic Quarterly Journal.

This archive points to the main axes of each struggle, including but not limited to migration, race and racism, gender and sexism, liberation movements… To read more about these streams, and its intersection go to the “Themes” Section. To know more about the Lab’s organization, see the “About” section. 

Event / Movements








Mark Bray

Discussion led by Eli Meyerhoff



Student Movements





No More Deaths:Direct Aid in the US-Mexico Border Zone

Crisis Time, Constant Border: On Direct Aid and the Tactics of the Temporary

Abolitionist Care in the Militarized Borderlands

In Defense of Wilderness: Policing Public Borderlands





December 3, 2018


Black liberation

Civil rights

Student Movements


  • Courtland Cox

Naomi Nelson

Wesley Hogan




Nina Ebner

Discussion led by Anna Tybinko



Francesco Brancaccio

Marta Camella Galí

Matteo Polleri

Federico Puletti