20-22 The Ongoing Biennial

20-22 The Ongoing Biennial – A Weekly Conversation Cycle with International Curators
Every Wednesday 1-2pm (EST/GMT-5)
Jan 27th and May 5th, 2021


Organized by Pedro Lasch and the FHI Social Practice Lab with support from the FHI World Arts Initiative at Duke University, this Conversation Cycle is part of a larger program entitled ’20-22 The Ongoing Biennial’. In person visits with some of our guests will also be presented at a later stage in collaboration with the the AAHVS Department and the Nasher Museum of Art.


Set in the context of an unprecedented pandemic, global shutdowns, and the rethinking of every aspect of exhibition making, our remote conversations will include curators and other international arts professionals. The first year of the public program will focus on short online dialogues with individual guests. Our one hour long remote events will begin with a casual interview, focusing on the particular trajectory and ideas of each guest in the series, followed by comments from a respondent and questions from the audience. Within this format, we also hope to provide an opportunity for joint reflection on these highly unusual times. Programming for the second year will be announced at a time of greater certainty.


One-time registration at this link will give you access to all of these free and public events:


See full calendar below and click on guest names to see bios and more information for each week:
Jan 27 – Ralph Rugoff
Feb 17 – Candice Hopkins
Mar 10 [Break]
Mar 17 – Andrea Giunta
Mar 24 – Yuko Hasegawa
Mar 31 – Miguel López
Apr 7 – José Roca
Apr 14 – Gabi Ngcobo
Apr 21 – Hoor Al Qasimi
Apr 28 – Rujeko Hockley
May 5 – Ruangrupa