#TweetaSound, September 27th

#TweetaSound, September 27th

tweet |twēt|, n.
1. the chirp of a small or young bird.
2. a posting made on the social networking site Twitter

Tweet in sound for a day! On Thursday, September 27th, join the Soundbox community for an experiment in digital noise.


Because we want to explore the possibilities and constraints of bringing sound to the Twitterverse. What happens when we sonically amplify social media? How will this change our experience of Twitter? What new connections can be made through listening?


It’s up to you to decide what it means to “tweet in sound.” We encourage your creativity and only ask that 1) any sound files you use be no more than 12 seconds, and 2) you use the hashtag #tweetasound to help us curate the event.


All are welcome! We hope to hear from a range of people, from musicians and audio techs to sound studies scholars, artists, and regular old tweeps of all stripes.