Soundbox is a collaborative project by Mary Caton Lingold, Darren Mueller, and Whitney Trettien that aims to enhance the use of sound in scholarly productions. This two-year enterprise, funded by a generous grant from the PhD Lab in Digital Knowledge at the Franklin Humanities Institute at Duke, culminated in the publication of a web collection entitled Provoke: Digital Sound Studies.  This digital project inspired a book by the same name, which is forthcoming from Duke University Press.

The collaboration was inspired by two needs, one theoretical and the other practical. In practical terms, the interdisciplinary field of sound studies has flourished apace with the digital turn, yet sound remains absent in many publications dedicated to its study. Even digital sound studies publications tend to be text-centric as scholars struggle to find the right players and platforms for executing digital sound scholarship.

As an intellectual endeavor, the Soundbox collaboration has sought to put pressure on the conventions of academic argumentation as well as genres of web-based writing. We embarked from the following question: What if it were possible to make arguments about sound using sound itself? This website documents the process of our two-year collaboration.

Listen to Mary Caton Lingold’s “lightning talk” about our project during its nascent stages.