Mary Caton Lingold is a doctoral candidate in English at Duke University. Her dissertation re-examines the Anglophone archive of early Afro-Atlantic musical life (1650-1850), arguing for the importance of listening to the past. As a co-founder of Soundbox, and the creator of the web-based Sonic Dictionary, her research and teaching bridges historical work with digital approaches to sonic scholarship. @MissCaton



Darren Mueller is a doctoral candidate in Music, specializing in jazz, musical performance, and social culture surrounding sound reproduction. His work as a writer and researcher includes contributions to: the Duke Performances blog, The Thread; the online, media-based journal Sensate; and to the Ertegun Jazz Hall of Fame, housed at Jazz at Lincoln Center in New York City. He also performs professionally as a saxophonist, appearing in various locations in North Carolina and the Southeast. @listeningbig


Whitney Anne Trettien is a doctoral candidate in English, specializing in book history (especially of early modern England) and media studies. She’s been involved in several digital projects both creative and critical; for more, see her website. @whitneytrettien



If you are interested in using sound in your research and writing projects, or if you simply want to follow our progress, we welcome you to contact us at You can contribute to the conversation on twitter by using the hashtag #dhsound. Contact the Soundbox Collaborators at

We are thankful for the encouragement and insight provided by our Advisory Board and Team Members as well as the tremendous staff of the Franklin Humanities Institute and Duke Libraries.

Advisory Board

Dr. Monica Hairston O’Connell
Executive Director, Center for Black Music Research, Columbia College

Dr. Louise Meintjes
Associate Professor of Music and Anthropology, Duke University

Dr. Liz Milewicz
Head, Digital Scholarship and Production Services, Duke University

Dr. Jentery Sayers
Assistant Professor of English, University of Victoria

Dr. Jonathan Sterne
Associate Professor of Art History and Communication Studies, McGill University

Dr. Jennifer Stoever-Ackerman
Assistant Professor of English, State University of New York at Binghamton
Editor-in-Chief, Sounding Out!: The Sound Studies Blog

Dr. Jacqueline Waeber
Associate Professor of Music, Duke University
Co-Convener of Audiovisualities, a 2011–2012 Interdisciplinary Working Group at FHI

Team Members

William Burdette
Doctoral Candidate in English, University of Texas at Austin
Program Coordinator of the Digital Writing and Research Lab

Ashon Crawley
Assistant Professor of Ethnic Studies, University of California – Riverside

Steph Ceraso
Doctoral Candidate in English, University of Pittsburgh

D. Edward Davis
Doctoral Student in Music (composition), Duke University

Craig Eley
Smithsonian Predoctoral Fellow
Doctoral Candidate in American Studies, University of Iowa

Rebecca Geoffroy
Doctoral Candidate in Music (musicology), Duke University

Tim Hambourger
Doctoral Candidate in Music (composition), Duke University

Seth Mulliken
Doctoral Candidate in Communication, Rhetoric, and Digital Media, North Carolina State

Aaron Trammell
Assistant Instructor and PhD Candidate, Rutgers University School of Communication and Information
Multimedia editor, Sounding Out!: The Sound Studies Blog

David van Dokkum
Film, Radio, & Sound Tech at large

Paul Sommerfeld
Doctoral Student in Music (musicology), Duke University

Matthew Somoroff
Doctoral Candidate in Music (musicology), Duke University


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  1. Ellie Boisjoli
    Ellie Boisjoli · September 22, 2012 at 15:05:06 ·

    Hey guys, I am part of the graduate student group, Music and Sound Studies, at the university of Minnesota, and we think your work is really cool. We also work mainly with sound and how it intersects with other disciplines. If any of you are ever in Minneapolis, shoot me an email!


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    Popular Music on Twitter IASPM-US · September 26, 2012 at 10:06:27 ·

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