So what is Story Lab ? Drop by and find out! Our fall opener will be Harry Potter-themed,
by way of illustrating all that we do. The evening’s festivities will include food, butterbeer, readings & performances from Potterverse—from canon to the new Cursed Child script to HP fanfic. Faculty directors Clare Woods, Carlos Rojas, and Eileen Chow will preview Story Lab’s coming
attractions: a Fall Makers Faire focused on cosplay and embodied storytelling; Friday Open Writing
Sessions & Social Hours (in preparation for NaNoWriMo); Wednesday Scholars & Storytelling series
featuring an exciting array of speakers from all disciplines; film marathons, field trips, etc., etc. 3 Come learn more about our ongoing research modules on environmentalism and extinction narratives, children’s storytelling and diversity, translation and migration, fandom and adaptation, superhero studies—and how you can join! Story Lab offers courses, independent studies, support for event programming, and—new this fall—five competitive Story Lab Fellows positions.