Slavery and Freedom in the Americas

AAAS 390/ROMST 390/VMS 390 This course takes a cross-cultural and interdisciplinary approach to the histories of slavery and processes of emancipation in the Global South. It seeks to (1) examine slavery’s linkages between the Carolinas and the Global South, (2) explore slavery and freedom sites in the Carolinas, and in the African Diaspora, as well[…]

Brazil, Race, Sex, and the Body course flyer

Brazil, Race, Sex, The Body

AAAS 89/PORTUGUE 89/ LIT 89 Brazil is commonly understood as an example of a “racially democratic” nation, but as scholars have recently shown, racism permeates all aspects of Brazilian society. This course examines the development of the theorization of race, racial identity and race relations in contemporary Brazil, and will explore very closely the role[…]