Sarah Hodges

Sarah Hodges studied English Literature at Yale College, where she focused on literary criticism as well as personal narrative construction and the autobiographic process. Currently, she is an MD candidate at the Duke University School of Medicine. She facilitates the Chronic Health Conditions Storytelling Group, a weekly writing and storytelling workshop for university students with chronic health conditions.[…]

Megha Gupta

Megha Gupta (Univ. of Southern California B.S. 2018) is a current medical student at Duke University School of Medicine. She helps to facilitate the Chronic Health Conditions Storytelling Group which uses storytelling and its analysis as a creative outlet for students with chronic health conditions. She believes that helping people with chronic illness understand, represent,[…]

Sam Hofacker

Sam Hofacker (Duke BS, 2015) is a current medical student at Duke University School of Medicine. A lifelong storyteller and lover of stories, he has been captivated by the stories of the patients and families he has met during his time in medical school. He aims to combine his passion for storytelling and love of[…]

Jonathan Hill-Rorie

Jonathan Hill-Rorie (Duke BA, 2015) is a Masters of Public Health Student at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health in the Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences, class of 2019.  At Duke, he studied Evolutionary and Cultural Anthropology and conducted independent studies on how social movements, like the Civil Rights Movement and Black[…]

Victoria Hsiung

Victoria Hsiung is a senior majoring in Biology and Global Health and minoring in Psychology. She became involved with the Health Humanities Lab through Jules Odendahl-James, whose course “Medical Stories on Stage” sparked her interest in the field of health humanities. She has a background in visual arts and is passionate about finding common ground[…]

Hannah Godefa

Degree – Political Science major and VMS minor   Class – 2019   Description: Hannah works with Professor Kearsley Stewart to document the work of the HIV and AIDS Narratives course and the outcomes of the Humument projects to contribute to a more robust discussion of how we share stories about individuals directly and indirectly affected[…]

Kimberly Perez

Degree – Major in International Comparative Studies with Minors in Chemistry and Global Health   Class – 2019   Description: Kimberly is responsible for social media management and assistance with literature research and review in coordination with the rest of the GRID team.

Nisha Uppuluri

Degree – Double Major in Gender, Sexuality, Feminist Studies and Global Health with a Minor in Biology   Class – 2019   Description: Nisha worked on Midwifery Film Series last semester, and will be working with Professort Stewart this semester on an editorial for the Lancet on Global Health pedagogy and assisting with the Global Health[…]

John Bollinger

Degree – Double Major in Biology and Global Health with a Minor in Chemistry Class – 2018 Description: John works with Dr. Stewart on a research project conducted by one of her previous students through a Fulbright award. The work focuses on examining hidden curriculum in South African medical schools and how that impacts the relationship[…]

Shashika Bandara

Degree – Global Health MSc   Class Year – 2018   Description: Shashika has been building an online cultural portfolio, for a select number of countries focusing on each country’s key cultural aspects and relevant research related to both Duke Global Health Institute and Franklin Humanities Center. This portfolio is aimed at serving both faculty and student[…]