Attending to the “Illusion of Life”: Reimagining Medicine through the Art of Puppetry Practice

“Puppetry’s practices cultivate presence, attention, and imagination. These three dimensions engage future healthcare providers in a practice that holds healing at its core. These dimensions are being extinguished in healthcare, leading to the vocational crisis and violations of human dignity.”  

Core faculty associate, Jules Odendahl-James, and lab affiliate, Marina Tsaplina, recently published an article in conjunction with Torry Bend on their work with puppetry and medicine. Curious as to how these two seemingly distinct realms relate? Read the full article here.

Additionally, in Spring 2019, Marina Tsaplina will serve as the HHL’s artist-in-residence. With Jules Odendahl-James, she will work on the project “Illness Revelations: The Bodies of History/Medicine.” Learn more, here.


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