Neatline Exhibit: Greek MS 065

Congrats are in order to MML Lab Affiliate Elizabeth Schrader, for their work researching Greek MS 065‘s provenance. This New Testament Gospel Lectionary constitutes part of the Kenneth Willis Clark Collection for Greek Manuscripts, housed at the Rubenstein Rare Book & Manuscript Library, Duke University; it dates to the eleventh century. Over the past three semesters Affiliate Elizabeth has been hard at work with Will Shaw of the Digital Scholarship and Publishing Services to create a Neatline exhibit in which the manuscript’s provenance can be chronologically presented. As part of the Lab’s commitment to producing digital humanities resources, Elizabeth’s work is extremely welcomed and appreciated! Thanks Elizabeth for demonstrating the caliber of scholarship made possible through affiliation with the Manuscript Migration Lab; as always, we’re excited to see what comes next. Read more about Elizabeth’s research project here; check out the exhibit here.

Link, Neatline Exhibit, Greek MS 065, courtesy of Elizabeth Schrader:

Link, MML Website, “Investigating the Kenneth Willis Clark Collection of Greek Manuscripts,”: