Journal of Digital Humanities?

Whoa! So I googled “digital humanities” to find cool stuff to populate our new blog, but I was not expecting to find this! It’s the Journal of Digital Humanities, a peer-reviewed open access journal that is on its fourth issue! I think it could be a potential source of material for us to think with, with articles like “Academic History Writing and its Disconnects“. This article is touching on a bunch of issues we talked about in our last meeting, like the death of books and the possibilities and limitations of OCR for historians. Here is a little excerpt:

 At the same time we are confronted by a profound intellectual challenge that addresses the very nature of the historical discipline. This transition from the ‘book’ to something new fundamentally undercuts what historians do more generally. When one starts to unpick the nature of the historical discipline it is tied up with the technologies of the printed page and the book in ways that are powerful and determining. Footnotes, post-Rankean cross referencing, and the practises of textual analysis are embedded within the technology of the book, and its library.

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