Spring 2021 updates!

Book cover image: Introduction to Digital Humanities Enhancing Scholarship with the Use of Technology by Kathryn C. WymerDr. Kathryn Wymer, Faculty Coordinator of the NCCU Digital Humanities Lab, recently compiled a year-end summary of major accomplishments from NCCU-Duke DH Fellows. With her permission, we’ve adapted her message and added a few items (including, notably, some of her own good news).

  • Kathryn Wymer will be a Visiting Faculty Fellow with Duke’s Mellon Humanities Unbounded initiative in 2021-22. In collaboration with Victoria Szabo at DHI@FHI and other Duke partners, she will be working on a project on ephemerality and loss in digital humanities, particularly their impact on marginalized communities in academia. She joins Collie Fulford (2019-20) and Candace Bailey (2020-21) as the third NCCU faculty member, and third NCCU-Duke DH Fellow, to hold a Humanities Unbounded fellowship.

While not brand new, we’d also like to point to this excellent project from Hannah Jacobs, who has been on the Duke team for the Fellows program from its inception, and her collaborator Beth Fischer. Visualizing Objects, Places, and Spaces: A Digital Project Handbook (https://handbook.pubpub.org/) should be a valuable resource for anyone planning a new DH project.

Congrats to all!

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