Tania Rispoli

Tania Rispoli is a PhD student in Romance Studies–Italian track. Her interests include: political theory, both early-modern and contemporary, Marxism and Feminism. She is also co-editor of the Italian website dinamopress.it and part of the Non Una di Meno / Ni Una Menos global feminist movement.

Anwulika Ngozi Okonjo

Anwulika Ngozi Okonjo is an undergraduate student at Duke University, currently completing her BA in International Comparative Studies with a Concentration in Africa and dual minors in Chinese and Visual Media studies. As a fellow in Duke’s Social Movements Lab, she began her research on African feminists movements, which led to the creation of Through[…]

Roxana Bendezú

Roxana serves as the Executive Director of Migrant Roots Media, a digital platform that collects and conveys the perspectives of migrants on the causes of their migration, as well as of those who are organizing to stay and thrive in their homes and on their lands. She was born in Lima, Perú and migrated to the United States[…]

Elia Romera Figueroa

Elia Romera Figueroa

Elia Romera Figueroa completed her BA in English and French Language and Cultures at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. During those years, the Centre for Latin American Studies (CEAL) awarded her with a stay at Universidade de Sâo Paulo. She then received a grant to study at UMASS Lowell for another semester. She earned her[…]

Amanda Bennett

Amanda Bennett, an Atlanta native, is a first-year PhD student in the Literature program at Duke University. She also holds a BA and an MA from the University of Alabama. Her interests include critical race theory, continental philosophy, black Marxism, and cultural studies.